Most Valuable Brands

The Top 10 Most Valuable Brands

BrandZ recently released their annual ranking of the world’s most valuable brands. The leaderboard is typically dominated by American companies with global reach, but Shenzhen-based tech giant Tencent has broken the ranks. This Chinese firm made it to the #8 on the list. In a recent CNNTech article, Alanna Petroff describes the most valuable brands.…

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Fictional Stories

Brands Creating Real-World Engagement with Fictional Stories

Brands often compete for attention in the same marketing channels, but they are now creating real-world engagement with fictional stories. Television, print, and social media are some of the biggest and most common platforms for advertisers. So how can brands stand out from the crowd? A recent article published by Digiday shares how brands are…

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Gmail Isn't Really Free

Gmail Isn’t Really Free

Google’s Gmail is the web-mail leader with more than 500 million people using the free email service. Gmail recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary and has been under scrutiny for collecting personal data to display customized ads to users. According to the article, “Why GMail and Other eMail Services Aren’t Really Free” by Heather Kelly, “Gmail…

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