Marketing Automation Strategies 2019

Marketing Automation Strategies to Improve Customer Relationships in 2020

Are you spending hours every day managing all your customer communications manually or have you discovered the time-saving, hyper-networking benefits of adopting marketing automation strategies? Thanks to products from companies such as SharpSpring, Marketo, and Hubspot, more brands are beginning to adopt marketing automation to enhance their customer relationships. As artificial intelligence, machine learning, and…

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Marketing Automation Captures Sales Leads

How Marketing Automation Captures Sales Leads

Track your contacts, keep them engaged, and complete transactions. Here’s how marketing automation captures sales leads and increases revenues for our clients. How many times have you run across a name or face and thought “Haven’t we met before?” As a business owner or sales manager, those moments may occur more often than you realize.…

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Marketing Technology Stack

Your Marketing Technology Stack

In today’s digital evolution, a chief marketing officer is tough to tell apart from a chief technology officer. Some companies’ CMOs may actually spend more on technology than their CTOs. According to Forrester Research’s latest forecast, US companies will be spending $120 billion on building a marketing technology stack by 2021. It’s rare to encounter…

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SharpSpring Marketing Automation Tools

Top 5 Reasons We Love SharpSpring Marketing Automation Tools

With the widespread growth of marketing automation tools, Parallel Interactive’s range of client services has increased exponentially this year. We searched for a year to find a software partner to integrate these services into our clients’ marketing technology stacks. Then we found SharpSpring marketing automation tools. It’s like Robin Hood rode through our office and delivered…

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Best Inbound Marketing Solutions

Best Inbound Marketing Solutions for 2017

Hubspot is one of the best inbound marketing and sales systems for managing and bringing in new clients and customers. Depending on your client base and the size of your business, however, it may not be the best inbound marketing solution for you. Andrei Holobut of MashCommerce shares a few alternative platforms and discusses the…

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