Brand Loyalty Tips

Keep Customers with These Brand Loyalty Tips

Try these content marketing and brand loyalty tips to keep your customers in a tight marketplace. We live in an age of ad overload, making it increasingly difficult for brands to stand out from the competition. In fact, consumers are exposed to more than 10,000 brand messages a day, according to the American Marketing Association.…

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Will Square's Starbucks Deal Be the End of Cash?

Will Square’s Starbucks Deal Spark the End of Cash?

Last week, Starbucks invested $25 million into the start up business, Square. For those unfamiliar with Square, it’s a credit and debit card reading device that attaches to cell phones. With each mobile transaction, Square collects 2.75%. According to the article, “Will Square’s Starbucks Deal Spark the End of Cash?,” by Peter Cohan, Square is now valued at $3.2 billion and will soon be processing payments at 7,000 Starbucks locations across the US.

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