Marketing Automation Captures Sales Leads

How Marketing Automation Captures Sales Leads

Track your contacts, keep them engaged, and complete transactions. Here’s how marketing automation captures sales leads and increases revenues for our clients. How many times have you run across a name or face and thought “Haven’t we met before?” As a business owner or sales manager, those moments may occur more often than you realize.…

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Google AMP Stories

Add Google AMP Stories to Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Google AMP Stories are the latest story trend taking a swipe at competition on the digital scene. Here’s why you should add AMP Stories to your digital marketing strategy. Social media stories continue to grow in popularity, and Google isn’t one to miss an opportunity. What started with Snapchat stories have now spread to virtually…

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Top Keyword Research Tools

Try These Top Keyword Research Tools to Boost SEO Rankings

Every day, more than 3.5 billion searches are being processed on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. To stand out from the masses, make sure your content marketing strategy includes these top keyword research tools. Imagine if you could capture just a fraction of those searches by predicting which words they’re using to find…

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Smart Speaker Voice Search

Make Smart Speaker Voice Search Work for You

Smart speaker voice search strategy is essential for any eCommerce business as Alexa has become a household name and a powerful influence in brands’ online revenue success. OC&C Strategy Consultants found that Alexa-enabled smart speaker voice search devices occupy about 10 percent of US households. Smart speakers currently account for $2 billion in annual sales today…

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Social Media Strategy Predictions

Data-Backed Social Media Strategy Predictions for 2020

What social media trends should agencies expect in 2020? Check out these data-backed social media strategy predictions. In a digital age where tech revolutions happen as frequently as new iPhone releases, social media is the one medium constantly changing faster than the rest. Hootsuite blogger James Mulvey shares a list of data-backed social media strategy predictions…

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Optimize Website Content

Optimize Website Content with Yoast SEO

Got a great online product promotion or service to attract new customers? Before you publish, test your SEO strategy and optimize website content with Yoast SEO. This easy-to-use plugin measures multiple aspects of blog text to ensure optimal SEO and readability. What’s even better is the optimization runs in real time, so blog authors can…

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2018 Digital Marketing Trends

2018 Digital Marketing Trends to Win New Customers

Is your digital marketing strategy stuck in a time warp? Top industry experts review 2018 digital marketing trends and realistic ways to integrate the latest technologies into your business. Technologies, such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and voice search interactions, no longer just belong to sci-fi films. So how can we best use these new…

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UTM Parameters

Track Digital Marketing Campaigns with UTM Parameters

Do you use UTM parameters to analyze social media click-throughs and other incoming links? Track digital marketing campaigns more precisely with this handy ID code. You may be missing some important information that can help you determine which online marketing campaigns are working and which ones are duds. UTM parameters (UTM = Urchin Tracking Modules)…

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Brand Partnerships

Brand Partnerships Cast Wide Nets

When brands collaborate, they create brand partnerships that combine their abilities to build stronger brand awareness and expand their audiences (well, sometimes). Nikki Gilliand of reviews the pros and cons of recent national brand partnerships, analyzing what qualities make good co-branded campaigns and what causes them to fall short of their goals. Ford and…

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Technology and Urbanization

Technology and Urbanization

Despite popular projections on urban populations continuing to rise, UPS logistics expert and TED speaker Julio Gil, says urbanization is actually reaching the end of its cycle due to advances in technology. In a few years, technology may allow us to enjoy more of the benefits of city life anywhere. These tech innovations, combined with…

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Google Travel Tools

New Google Travel Tools

Google Travel Tools are making it easier to find great deals on flights and hotels by updating their search tool with flexible departure and return dates. Google Travel Tools allow travelers to search multiple hotels and airports on different dates to find the best intersection between their schedules, budgets, and on-site conveniences. Google new feature…

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Marketing Technology Stack

Your Marketing Technology Stack

In today’s digital evolution, a chief marketing officer is tough to tell apart from a chief technology officer. Some companies’ CMOs may actually spend more on technology than their CTOs. According to Forrester Research’s latest forecast, US companies will be spending $120 billion on building a marketing technology stack by 2021. It’s rare to encounter…

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