Content Marketing Strategy

Creating a Content Marketing Strategy That Stands Out

Become more visible to potential leads and generate more traffic to your website by investing in a content marketing strategy for your business. Content marketing has the potential to transform brands, with lower costs and higher returns than traditional marketing methods. According to NewsCred, 74 percent of companies indicate content marketing is increasing their marketing…

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WordPress Website Maintenance

WordPress Website Maintenance Best Practices 2020

Perform regular WordPress website maintenance to keep your site up-to-date and in top shape. At Parallel Interactive, we recommend regular website maintenance for our clients’ websites in order to keep them working properly, maintain security, and limit the chances of hacks or crashes. For more robust sites, website maintenance should be performed monthly, while smaller…

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2019 SEO Trends for Google Search

2019 SEO Trends for Google Search

Boost visibility on Google, improve your search ranking, and stay ahead of competition with our top 2019 SEO trends. Google search engine optimization continues to outperform other marketing trends year after year. According to Moz Blog, SEO delivers 20 times more traffic opportunity than pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. It is critical for your site to be…

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SEO Audit Tool

Add an SEO Audit Tool to Your Digital Strategy

Make sure your digital strategy is on track with consistent website audits using an SEO audit tool. Performing regular SEO audits is essential for staying on top of the major issues that could be damaging your site’s visibility and ranking. Moz Site Crawl is an SEO audit tool that crawls your site every week searching…

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SEO Content Audit

Most Common Website Mistakes Learned from an SEO Content Audit

At Parallel Interactive, we get a little obsessive about our clients’ SEO strategy. Before any new website content is created, we first conduct an SEO content audit. Why? Because good content is a crucial part of making sure you end up on top of a search engine results page (aka SERP). Great content keeps visitors…

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Top Keyword Research Tools

Try These Top Keyword Research Tools to Boost SEO Rankings

Every day, more than 3.5 billion searches are being processed on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. To stand out from the masses, make sure your content marketing strategy includes these top keyword research tools. Imagine if you could capture just a fraction of those searches by predicting which words they’re using to find…

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HTTPS and SSL Certificates

Why HTTPS and SSL Certificates Matter to Your Website

Give your business leads a boost this July by adding HTTPS and SSL Certificates to your website maintenance. For the past several years, Google has been advocating for a more secure Internet by promoting the use of HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates on all web pages. According to a…

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Improve Your Backlink Index

Improve Your Backlink Index with Moz Link Explorer

Adopting strategies to improve your backlink index is crucial to search engine optimization (SEO) because Google’s algorithms place high values on the number and quality of backlinks you’ve received when ranking your website for search results. Researching backlinks to track how many your site is earning can be tricky, but Moz’s Link Explorer has undergone…

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Combine PR and Digital Marketing

Combine PR and Digital Marketing to Maximize Your ROI

Today, top brands combine PR and digital marketing strategy to boost ROI by amplifying a company’s credibility and clearing the path to greater success with conversions. There’s an old saying about the difference between advertising and public relations when delivering messages to the masses: “Pay for it or pray for it.” While traditional paid advertising…

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digital marketing advice for startups

Digital Marketing Advice for Startups

Today’s new business owner can create an affordable, effective digital marketing strategy, previously only available to big budget advertisers. Forbes offers digital marketing advice for startups ready to build brand awareness. By using video, content, social media, and mobile advertising, you can help your business make a name for itself and rank higher in Google…

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Small Business SEO

Small Business SEO Strategy That’s Simple, Affordable

Not every business can spend thousands on SEO strategy. But small business SEO can be just as effective as the big budget brands. Check out these 5 free small business SEO tips. Every business can benefit from search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to boost their search engine rankings. However, there are still a lot of…

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2018 SEO strategy

2018 SEO Strategy to Increase Website Traffic

In 2018, SEO strategy has continued evolving to prevent the most relevant websites from getting lost in space. Are you landing at the top of search engine results pages with SEO strategy that outshines your competition? Keeping up with the constant changes in SEO strategy is challenging, but members of the Forbes Agency Council recently…

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