Combine PR and Digital Marketing

Combine PR and Digital Marketing to Maximize Your ROI

Today, top brands combine PR and digital marketing strategy to boost ROI by amplifying a company’s credibility and clearing the path to greater success with conversions. There’s an old saying about the difference between advertising and public relations when delivering messages to the masses: “Pay for it or pray for it.” While traditional paid advertising…

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digital marketing advice for startups

Digital Marketing Advice for Startups

Today’s new business owner can create an affordable, effective digital marketing strategy, previously only available to big budget advertisers. Forbes offers digital marketing advice for startups ready to build brand awareness. By using video, content, social media, and mobile advertising, you can help your business make a name for itself and rank higher in Google…

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Optimize Website Content

Optimize Website Content with Yoast SEO

Got a great online product promotion or service to attract new customers? Before you publish, test your SEO strategy and optimize website content with Yoast SEO. This easy-to-use plugin measures multiple aspects of blog text to ensure optimal SEO and readability. What’s even better is the optimization runs in real time, so blog authors can…

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2018 Digital Marketing Trends

2018 Digital Marketing Trends to Win New Customers

Is your digital marketing strategy stuck in a time warp? Top industry experts review 2018 digital marketing trends and realistic ways to integrate the latest technologies into your business. Technologies, such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and voice search interactions, no longer just belong to sci-fi films. So how can we best use these new…

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UTM Parameters

Track Digital Marketing Campaigns with UTM Parameters

Do you use UTM parameters to analyze social media click-throughs and other incoming links? Track digital marketing campaigns more precisely with this handy ID code. You may be missing some important information that can help you determine which online marketing campaigns are working and which ones are duds. UTM parameters (UTM = Urchin Tracking Modules)…

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Customer Segmentation Best Practices

5 Customer Segmentation Best Practices to Drive Sales

You know who your customers are, but do you truly understand them? Try these customer segmentation best practices to maximize marketing automation and build meaningful, loyal customer relationships. There’s no doubt that the more you know about your audience, the greater your chances are to reach them with impactful messages that inspire action. In fact,…

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SEO strategy should include social media

Why SEO Strategy Should Include Social Media

When it comes to creating successful search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for your website, Google isn’t the only algorithm game to master. Here’s why SEO strategy should include social media to diversify ranking options. Content marketing comes in all forms – written, images, video, and audio. The most effective execution of SEO strategy includes platforms…

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Outdated Digital Marketing Trends

Outdated Digital Marketing Trends to Ditch in 2018

Digital marketing strategy has evolved at dizzying speeds, and experts say some formerly effective strategies are now underperforming. Here’s a review of outdated digital marketing trends to replace this year. As marketers continue to adopt new technologies, a few under-performing, overused tactics are on the chopping block for the coming year. Hubspot Blog Contributor Jasz…

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SharpSpring Marketing Automation Tools

Top 5 Reasons We Love SharpSpring Marketing Automation Tools

With the widespread growth of marketing automation tools, Parallel Interactive’s range of client services has increased exponentially this year. We searched for a year to find a software partner to integrate these services into our clients’ marketing technology stacks. Then we found SharpSpring marketing automation tools. It’s like Robin Hood rode through our office and delivered…

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Digital Strategy

Hone Your Digital Strategy to Make Your Website More Engaging

You’ve successfully promoted your website and you’re experiencing heavy web traffic, now it’s time to hone your digital strategy. Once you’ve got the visitors, you need to implement a digital strategy that includes optimizing your pages to improve your site’s performance. Lesya Liu, contributor for Entrepreneur, offers a few tips on how to engage and…

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Media Strategy

4 Steps to Start Your Social Media Strategy

Social media strategy has proven to be a staple in the digital marketing process. We use it to find information as well as research and interact with businesses. When creating a social media strategy for your business, it can be hard to know where to begin. Isabella Andersen breaks it down in her article, “4…

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Successful Rebranding

Tips for Successful Rebranding

Successful rebranding is one of the most difficult marketing strategies a company can accomplish. Sometimes it’s hard to understand how to execute a rebranding strategy or even when it’s necessary. Derrick Daye asked the Branding Strategy Insider team to share their tips for successful rebranding. Rebrands Offer Opportunity In many cases, the focus of a…

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